Press Release: Digicom Electronics' Cleaning Process Exceeds Standards by 75%; Zero Ion Contamination Found on the PCB

~ Process eliminates PCB failures that result from contamination ~

Dowload Diamond Track ProcessNovember 5 , 2012 - Digicom Electronics, Inc., a technology and quality-driven electronics manufacturing services company, introduces its new Diamond Track Cleaning Process. This process uses a proprietary combination of chemicals, temperature, wash cycles, timing, and equipment that results in printed circuit boards with superior quality and cleanliness. Independent tests show that Digicom's boards test 75% cleaner than the IPC's* highest level of clean. In addition, a recent lab analysis for ion contamination found zero ion contamination (zero levels of sodium chloride - NaCl Micrograms/ on assembled boards. This level of cleaning eliminates failures caused by board contamination.

"There is a gap in the market caused by new technologies that make it more difficult to ensure circuit board integrity," explained Mo Ohady, general manager, Digicom Electronics. "Today's chemistries in fluxes and solder, plus the closeness of components, make cleaning more difficult. Many failures are due to boards that retain contaminants from the manufacturing process. It's not enough to put the boards through a wash cycle. It takes a special combination of chemicals, temperature, wash cycles, and timing to get the boards really clean."

Digicom's cleaning process is repeatable, reliable, and uses an advanced in-line cleaning system to increase speed and throughput. All boards are routinely run through the system both prior to and after the assembly process. This ensures that the soldering process is not compromised by any contaminates from the board fabrication process and the boards are completely clean of any remaining chemicals from soldering. With Digicom's unique Diamond Track Cleaning, products are less susceptible to corrosion-induced failures, thus reducing the need for maintenance or repair. The cost savings to Digicom's customers, especially those with military, aerospace and medical device applications, are considerable.

The Diamond Track Cleaning Process is completely green. De-ionized water from polishing tanks is used and recycled. Filters catch the solids while powerful blowers ensure that harsh chemicals don't migrate passed the holding tank. Clear windows on the equipment enable the operator to monitor the entire process. A refractometer checks the stability of the mix in the tank to see that it’s not compromised. The discharged liquid is completely environmentally friendly.

"We have made it our mission to make sure that our processes produce the cleanest boards possible," said Ohady. "We have done extensive research and many experiments to come up with our cleaning process. We recently had our boards inspected by an independent lab. When we got the results back we couldn't understand them; our score wasn't on the chart. We were told that our boards were 75% cleaner than the highest level of clean according to IPC cleanliness standards. A subsequent analysis for ions showed absolutely zero contamination of the boards, and we are still working to improve our process."

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*IPC is a global trade organization and leading source for industry standards, training, market research and public policy advocacy.

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